Fall Duck/Goose Pricing

$325 a gun per day

50% non-refundable deposit is needed to reserve your dates

Typically a morning waterfowl hunt. Two of us will be scouting each evening for a new spot the next day.

Other Activities

Walleye Fishing for $225
Pheasant hunt for $325

*Ammo and gun rentals NOT provided

*Bird cleaning is charged at $4 a bird

Tentative Dates
Late September to mid-November for duck and goose hunts


Nonresident Waterfowl

South Dakota nonresident waterfowl licenses during the fall are limited in number and distributed by a lottery drawing. Hunters must submit an application and fee, either online or by paper application via mail. Click here for the link to apply for nonresident waterfowl.

There is an option for a 10 day or a 3 day license in the zone we hunt. We are a lottery system here in South Dakota but the last few years there has been 100 % draw rate for nonresident waterfowl licenses. If you’re wanting to apply for the correct zone please reach out to us.

Contact Jaron Anderson 605-728-2815 to apply for the correct waterfowl zone.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful South Dakota
Lake Preston, South Dakota 57249

Send deposits to:
Jaron Anderson
2100 Morning Glory Dr
Brookings, SD 57006